Nov 16, 2023

Kakao Webtoon takes center stage at the busy K-Expo Thailand 2023

SEOUL, November 16, 2023 – Kakao Webtoon Thailand showcased the growing popularity and global reach of Korean webtoons at K-Expo Thailand 2023 on November 11 and 12th, representing parent company Kakao Entertainment at the two-day Korean Wave extravaganza.

More than 25,000 people took part in the grand Hallyu event, which was held at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre in Bangkok and organized by a group of Korean government ministries. K-Expo Thailand 2023 also brought together leading Korean companies from a variety of content-related sectors, including gaming, broadcasting, technology, webtoons, and music, all with the common goal of promoting Korean content on the global stage.

Kakao Webtoon Thailand made a huge splash, with its booth bustling throughout the event thanks to its unique photo zone concept featuring beloved characters and scenes from various Kakao Entertainment titles popular with Thai audiences. Korean webtoons prominently displayed included “Necromancer Academy and the Genius Summoner,” which quickly amassed over 1 million local views shortly after its launch, and “MAVE: Another World,” a webtoon created to seamlessly integrate into the universe of the global virtual idol group, MAVE:. There was also a creative sticker photo booth using popular webtoon characters as backdrops, while on the opposite side, the Kakao Friends characters spotlighted Kakao’s flagship IP.

Several of Kakao Entertainment’s locally developed premium IPs also garnered substantial attention, including “Love Destiny,” a webtoon remake of one of Thailand’s most beloved novels that is currently airing as a drama on local TV. Also making an appearance to a very enthusiastic crowd was “How to Make Phra Aphai Fall in Love,” a webtoon adaptation of the literary works of Sunthorn Phu, often referred to as the Shakespeare of Thailand. There was even a brand-new webtoon launch on the event’s opening day, adapted from the popular local drama “I Feel You Linger in the Air.” Additionally, the booth featured a range of fun and enticing giveaways, including character merchandise and Kakao Webtoon Cash coupons.

Kakao Webtoon Thailand also participated last November as the sole webtoon sponsor at Thailand Comic Con 2022, one of the largest cultural gatherings in Southeast Asia. Several key Kakao Entertainment IPs were on tap for Thai fans at the event, such as “Solo Leveling,” “Villains Are Destined to Die,” and “Solitary Lady.” The company continues to play a leading role in promoting the value and potential of Korean webtoons across the region.

“K-Expo Thailand was an exceptionally meaningful event, re-affirming how passionate Thai fans are for Kakao Entertainment’s webtoon titles and underscoring the pivotal role webtoons now play in shaping the local Hallyu landscape,” said Hyun Yang-won, Managing Director of Kakao Webtoon Thailand. “As part of our commitment to this vibrant community, we will continue to expand the world of webtoons with a solid mix of our global IPs and locally discovered treasures in Thailand.”