Putting Creators First

Empowering our creators by protecting what they create

With great content comes great responsibility

As K-content has risen in popularity, illegal streaming and distribution have risen with it. Content piracy hurts the livelihood of creators and impacts the trust of our fans.

At Kakao Entertainment, we have a responsibility to protect creators and fans from piracy by ensuring content is shared responsibly and creators are rewarded for their work. We actively protect our intellectual property rights and those of our creators through a culture of safe and fair content consumption.

Our commitment to fighting piracy

We've prevented over $200 million in damages from copyright infringement and protected the work of countless creators by stopping over 2.25 million cases of illegal content distribution.

*Figures updated as of June 2022

in theft prevented
cases of content theft stopped

Dedicated anti-piracy task force

Our piracy prevention teams take a systematic approach to identifying and removing illegal content, with piracy prevention support that spans multiple regions and languages including English, Chinese, and Indonesian.

Worldwide monitoring

We screen worldwide for illegal use and sharing of our content, ensuring the removal of pirated content and unofficial translations from unauthorized websites.

Raising awareness

Kakao Entertainment publishes a biannual white paper raising awareness about the harms of copyright infringement while documenting progress and anti-piracy collaboration with partners.