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Lee Jin-soo

Joy (Lee Jin-soo)

Co-CEO of Kakao Entertainment

Known as a trailblazer across the mobile content industry for his entrepreneurial spirit and for pioneering a new model of content monetization, Joy was the founder and former CEO of KakaoPage, formerly Podotree, and developed the “Wait-or-pay” business model now adopted by many platforms across the mobile content industry. Under his leadership, KakaoPage led the growth of Korea’s web story industry with innovative monetization and an ecosystem that focused on creators. Prior to founding KakaoPage in 2010, Joy excelled in numerous roles within the tech sector, primarily focusing on marketing and corporate strategy. He has held senior management positions at major South Korean tech companies including NHN Corp. and Freechal.

Kim Sung-su

Stephan (Kim Sung-su)

Co-CEO of Kakao Entertainment

Celebrated as “the godfather of the Korean media industry,” Stephan has been an instrumental figure in establishing the popularity of Korean culture globally, and was the CEO of Kakao M before its merger with KakaoPage. Within his first two years of joining Kakao M as CEO in 2019, Stephan helped expedite Kakao M’s growth and turn it into a multi-faceted video and music production company. Before joining Kakao he helped plan, execute, and globalize the media and entertainment business at CJ Group, where he served as CEO overseeing media, film, live performances and music for more than 20 years. Stephan has been recognized for his leadership and investment acumen across the content industry throughout his career.