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Kakao Entertainment is the Korean music industry’s No.1 investor and distributor, with a fast-growing influence in markets around the world.

Multi-label artist management

We’re driven by the success of our artists. With a multi-label management system powered by 55 teams of professionals, we create opportunities for singer-songwriters, popstars, vocalists, producers and more to push their careers to new heights.

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With a worldwide network and a history of top talent discovery, we help artists find their voice and connect with audiences globally.

Korea's No.1 streaming platform

Melon is Korea’s No.1 music streaming platform, delivering 40 million+ songs to 5 million+ paid subscribers and rising. Its iconic music charts are setting trends across genres, with data empowered recommendations and original shows to drive engagement.

Melon Music Awards

Shaping K-music culture

Launched in 2005, the Melon Music Awards celebrate Korea's top musicians and rising stars. Doubling as one of the world's top K-pop festivals, its stage has been home to headliners like BTS, IU, and more, with millions of viewers across 200 countries.


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Welcome to K-pop wonderland. ‘1theK’ is a gateway to K-music for 32 million fans in 243 countries, with growing followings on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Showcasing top music videos, teasers, and exclusive original series, 1theK is fast becoming the world’s top hub for all things K-pop.