Nov 01, 2023

Kakao Entertainment proves its competitiveness as a global studio through “The Worst of Evil,” with a top-tier score by IMDb

SEOUL, November 1, 2023 – The Worst of Evil, Disney+ original series, has concluded to rave reviews, praised for encapsulating the essence of Korean noir. The series was produced in collaboration between Kakao Entertainment and two of its production subsidiaries: Baram Pictures and Sanai Pictures. By adding another successful title to its global mega-hits, Kakao Entertainment has further solidified its position as a global studio.

The drama premiered in September and quickly secured the top spot in Korea in just two weeks. It garnered tremendous popularity in the six regions where it has been released, including Japan, Hong Kong, and Turkey, consistently ranking among the top 10 shows. Its popularity surged even further in the last few episodes, with the drama maintaining its top position in Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore, as reported by FlixPatrol.

As of October 27, The Worst of Evil was rated 8.6 by IMDb. The score was one of the highest among all Korean drama series released on global streaming platforms this year. One viewer praised the drama as “a new genre that combines action, romance, and thriller.” Another referred to the show as “a once-in-a-lifetime drama for Ji Chang-wook and Wi Ha-joon,” noting their impressive range from action sequences to intricate emotions. Still, another described it as “a psychological warfare more suspenseful than most thrillers.”

The Worst of Evil, with the plot detailed here, seamlessly blends powerful and visually captivating action sequences with a fast-paced narrative and a meticulously crafted storyline. It has received high praise for its unique fusion of intense noir elements and intricate melodramatic aspects, creating a distinctive Korean noir drama that is both gritty and emotionally resonant.

The audience has been invited to a cathartic experience through intense action scenes, such as rival criminal gangs engaging in a massive fight over the Gangnam Union. Filled with rollercoaster emotions like suspicion, lies, love, and desire, the drama unfolds the intertwined fate of its characters with ever-growing suspense, delivering a highly immersive experience.

This feat is attributed to the synergies created by the collaboration between Kakao Entertainment, Baram Pictures, known for its titles with a fastidiously detailed storyline, and Sanai Pictures, a company that specializes in powerful action noir dramas. The combination of these two production companies has resulted in yet another global hit.

In addition to zesty comedies and Western action with Korean touches, Baram Pictures has expanded its production portfolio to intense noir action drama. Sanai Pictures, which has gained the spotlight by being invited to international film festivals, has successfully expanded its business to drama series.

Kakao Entertainment, a company that has leveraged its robust multi-studio scheme to produce global hits such as Business Proposal, Hunt, and Narco-Saints, united the strengths of its subsidiaries through this drama to generate powerful synergies, proving its competitiveness as a global studio. Kakao Entertainment is set to build on the momentum this year with a strong lineup targeted at global markets. Following Castaway Diva which premiered on October 28 on Netflix, the company will release Gyeongseong Creature on Netflix as well as Nine Puzzles.