Oct 12, 2023

Kakao Entertainment enthralls the audience with Netflix series “Song of the Bandits” and Disney+ Original “The Worst of Evil”

SEOUL, October 11, 2023 – Kakao Entertainment showcases its productions through Netflix series Song of the Bandits and Disney+ original series The Worst of Evil.

Song of the Bandits, produced by Kakao Entertainment’s subsidiary Baram Pictures, and The Worst of Evil, produced by Baram Pictures and Sanai Pictures and co-produced by Kakao Entertainment demonstrate Kakao Entertainment’s production capacity in diverse subjects and genres.

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Songs of the Bandits – On Netflix

Song of the Bandits received rave reviews for its original effort to add a new dimension to the Western action genre. Only two days after its debut on September 22, the drama series ranked first in the Korean TV show category on Netflix*. On October 4, it secured the second spot in the non-English TV show category on Netflix’s Global Top 10 list. Since its premiere, the series also secured No. 1 in Korea and made the Top 10 list in 26 countries, including Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Plot: Set in the turbulent 1920s, the story revolves around Koreans who, for various reasons, venture to the lawless Gando area where the lands of China, the wealth of Japan, and the people of Korea converge. Here, they unite as one to protect their precious homeland. Kim Nam-gil, in the role of Lee Yoon, plays the leader of a bandit group and demonstrates superb acting skills by portraying the intricate emotional layers of his character. Lee Ho-jung plays an assassin named Eon-nyeon mesmerizes the audience with her intense acting that showcases eye-catching action, tough charisma, and piercing eyes. Seohyun plays the role of Nam Hee-shin, an activist disguised as the head of the Railway Bureau of the Japanese Government-General of Korea. Yoo Jae-myung is featured as Choi Chung-soo, a landowner of a Korean village in Gando, and Lee Hyun-wook portrays Lee Gwang-il, the youngest Korean to join the Japanese Army.

Production: Baram Pictures, Studio Dragon, and Urban Works.

Cast: Kim Nam-gil, Lee Ho-jung, Seohyun, Yoo Jae-myung, Lee Hyun-wook.

The Worst of Evil – on Disney Plus

With its premiere on September 27, The Worst of Evil immediately captivated audiences with its robust, fast-paced storyline and the nostalgic aesthetics of Gangnam district in the 1990s. The Worst of Evil ranked first in Korea and made it to the Top 5 list of shows within 2 weeks of its debut in multiple territories such as Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan*. The series releases two new episodes every Wednesday.

Plot: Set in Seoul during the 1990s, this crime action drama follows the story of undercover police investigator Park Jun-mo, who infiltrates a criminal gang based in Gangnam, the center of drug trafficking between Korea, China, and Japan. Ji Chang-wook plays the role of Sergeant Park engaging in a risky undercover operation for success that has eluded him his entire life, while Wi Ha-joon plays Jung Gi-cheul, the leader of the drug cartel Gangnam Union. Im Se-mi portrays Eui-jeong who is Jun-mo’s wife and Gi-cheul’s first love.

Production: Baram Pictures, Sanai Pictures and Kakao Entertainment

Cast: Ji Chang-wook, Wi Ha-joon, Im Se-mi

Exciting future line-up

On October 28, Baram Pictures will premiere Castaway Diva through Netflix. The series will center around Seo Mok-ha, an aspiring singer who got stranded on a desert island and returns to the world after 15 years with a rekindled dream of becoming a diva. Park Eun-bin plays Seo Mok-ha while Kim Hyo-jin depicts the role of Yoon Ran-joo, a top star that Mok-ha admires. Other cast members include Chae Jong-hyeop as Kang Bo-gul, a producer of YGN’s entertainment department, and Cha Hak-yeon as Kang Woo-hak, Bo-gul’s older brother and YGN’s news reporter.

Sanai Pictures, another Kakao Entertainment subsidiary has achieved the feat of being invited to the Cannes Film Festival for two consecutive years, with Hunt in 2022 and Hopeless in 2023. Hopeless will hit the theaters on October 11. Sanai Pictures has also successfully expanded its business into drama production through the release of The Worst of Evil.

With a strong line-up of 30 TV dramas and films for this year, Kakao Entertainment will continue to unveil diverse titles during the remainder of this year to solidify our position as a global studio.

*Source: Flixpatrol