Feb 20, 2024

Kakao Entertainment nominates Kisu Kweon and Joseph Chang as new co-CEOs

SEOUL, KOREA, JANUARY 19, 2024 – Kakao Entertainment announced today that it has nominated the current Chief Operation Officer Kisu Kweon and Global Strategy Officer Joseph Chang as new co-CEOs. Both co-CEO nominees will undergo a formal appointment process through the Board of Directors and General Shareholders’ meetings.

Recognizing the need for leadership with a new perspective, Kakao Entertainment meticulously chose the new co-CEOs given their wealth of knowledge and expertise in the Kakao community and the entertainment industry. Ahead of their formal appointments, both Kisu Kweon and Joseph Chang will actively engage with diverse stakeholders and partners to inspect key tasks and prepare a system before coming into office.

Kisu Kweon previously served as Chief Finance Officer (CFO) of Daum Communications in 2013, and later headed management support at Kakao M. Mr. Kweon is currently the Chief Operation Officer and the head of the music content business at Kakao Entertainment. Notably, Mr. Kweon served as the CFO during the merger of Daum Communications and Kakao in 2014, and at the launch of Kakao Entertainment, which was a merger of Kakao Page, Kakao M, and Melon in 2021. During the formation of Kakao Entertainment, Mr. Kweon oversaw finance and management strategy as the head of the Synergy Center, ensuring stable convergence of management. With a deep understanding of the culture and business of the Kakao community and Kakao Entertainment, Mr. Kweon plans to focus on stabilizing the business while emphasizing innovation.

Joseph Chang has played a pivotal role in expanding Kakao Entertainment’s influence in the global entertainment industry since joining the company in 2021. Mr. Chang was previously the CEO of Sony Music Entertainment Korea and co-CEO of Sony Music Entertainment’s Asia Hub. Currently, Mr. Chang is the Global Strategy Officer at Kakao Entertainment, CEO of the integrated corporation in North America, and Chief Business Officer of SM Entertainment. In his position, Mr. Chang has spearheaded the artists’ overseas expansion based on his solid network with major partners and artists in the global music market. Last year, Mr. Chang was selected by Gold House’s ‘A100’, which honors impactful Asians and Pacific Islanders across the industries and was also the Billboard International Power Player. Mr. Chang will continue to focus on establishing Kakao Entertainment as a key player in the global entertainment industry, by strengthening its competitiveness in IP planning, production, and distribution.

“We feel a great responsibility as we take on leadership during these pivotal times. Our priority is to contribute to and meet the expectations of society going forward,” said co-CEO nominees Kisu Kweon and Joseph Chang. “At the same time, we are dedicated to proving Kakao Entertainment’s full potential in the global market. We are excited to accelerate the innovation of our expansive content business to grow as a truly global entertainment player.”