Jul 07, 2023

Melon launches the “Hi-RiSiNG Project” to support new artists

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, June 28, 2023 – Melon, Korea’s No.1 music streaming platform under Kakao Entertainment, announces the launch of the “Hi-RiSiNG” project, an initiative designed to support new artists.   

This project is part of Melon’s collective effort to seek mutual growth in the music industry. Melon, which has the most significant number of paid users among Korea’s music streaming services, will leverage its industry influence to help the emerging artist develop their own fandom.

Melon announced that Hi-RiSiNG programs would be available to new musicians with under three years of experience since their debut. The first band in the Hi-RiSiNG program is ZEROBASEONE, a Korean boy band that will debut on July 10. The K-Pop group was created through an audition program on Mnet called “Boys Planet” as a result of votes from 184 countries. On July 28, images, and videos from ZEROBASEONE’s debut album “YOUTH IN THE SHADE” will be released along with a special message from the group to celebrate Melon’s 20th anniversary.

Melon aims to grow the Hi-RiSiNG brand as a place to check out news and events about up-and-coming K-pop artists. Melon will promote Hi-RiSiNG musicians with the app’s main page banners, through its “Short Music of the Day” service, and via all its social media channels.

The Hi-RiSiNG initiative joins “Melon Spotlight” and “Track Zero” as the platform’s key mutual growth projects for the music industry.

Melon Spotlight amplifies new albums released, either online or offline, and has been solidifying its position among music fans as a channel to quickly access interesting content whenever popular artists push out new albums.

Track Zero is an indie music revival project. A themed playlist is updated every Thursday and invites indie musicians to the “Melon Station” so they can introduce their music. It also announces “Artist of the Month” during the first week of every month and “New Songs Recommended by Track Zero” in the fourth week. “Track Zero Alive” performances are held every other month. Taken as a whole, the programs have been designed as a comprehensive branding support program for indie artists.

“With the launch of Hi-RiSiNG, Melon wanted to meet the needs of the industry and our fans who want new artists to have a brighter path to success,” said Heo Jun-hyuck, Head of Melon Business Operation at Kakao Entertainment. “Our Track Zero and Spotlight programs are already playing an integral role in promoting indie music and new albums, and we will do our best to make Hi-Rising a major place where new artists can meet their fans.”