May 06, 2021

KakaoTV Original “Mad for Each Other” starring Jung Woo & Oh Yeon-seo to stream on Netflix

SEOUL, May 6, 2021 — Kakao Entertainment today announced global viewers will be able to watch KakaoTV Original “Mad for Each Other” on global streaming platform Netflix.  

The romantic comedy revolves around the impossible dynamic between two next-door neighbors, Noh Hwi-oh (played by Jung Woo) and Lee Min-kyung (played by Oh Yeon-seo) – the former who has zero anger management skills and the latter who is forever infuriating others.  

Jung Woo is well known for his ability to take on any character and reinvent them into his own, while Oh Yeon-seo is loved for the many distinctive characters she has played in the past. The series has generated ample buzz among fans, who are looking forward to the unique chemistry the two actors will bring to the screen. Other cast members include AKMU’s vocalist Soohyun, playing the role of Soohyun, and An Woo-yeon, who will step into the role of Sang-yeop. 

The series is led by acclaimed director Lee Tae-gon whose previous works include “Hello, My Twenties!” and “Diary of a Prosecutor.” The TV drama is expected to provide a dose of excitement and romance for everyone this coming spring.