Apr 30, 2024

Joseph Chang, Kakao Entertainment Co-CEO, Named Billboard’s 2024 International Power Player

– In addition to the International Power Player list, Chang was recognized on Billboard’s Power 100 list this year, and the A100 list in 2023. Chang has been instrumental in working on K-pop collaborations with key partners in the global music industry.

APRIL 30, 2024, SEOUL, KOREA – Kakao Entertainment has announced that Joseph Chang, the company’s co-CEO, has been honored again on the 2024 Billboard International Power Players list.

Billboard, a major U.S. music industry publication, annually recognizes top leaders in the music industry outside the United States. On April 29, the magazine unveiled the list for this year on its official website, with Chang featured alongside SM Entertainment co-CEOs Jang Cheol Hyuk and Tak Young Jun and SM Entertainment Chief A&R Officer Lee Sung Su.

This is the third time that Chang has been named on the list following his appearance in 2021 and 2023. Last year, he made it to the Gold House A100 list that honors Asians who have influenced the U.S. culture and society in general, and he was ranked 17th in the multi-section category of Billboard’s Power 100 list announced in January. These feats represent an acknowledgement of Chang’s efforts to build a robust network with various partners in the global entertainment industry and his pivotal role in expanding the influence of Korean culture including K-pop in markets around the world.

Noting the role played by the North American subsidiary between Kakao Entertainment and SM Entertainment that was started last year, Billboard said, “As K-pop expands globally, Chang sees the merger as a milestone and a precedent for the next steps in building a multinational business system for all artists and labels under the company’s care.” It also introduced a variety of moves pursued by the new subsidiary such as the expansion of global activities by artists. “The North American subsidiary quickly expanded across the Atlantic by partnering with British entertainment company Moon&Back to launch a British boy band through an upcoming reality TV show,” said the magazine, “In addition, IVE, a girl group on Kakao’s label Starship Entertainment, is on its first global tour, which included six U.S. arena dates in March.”

Chang previously worked as the Managing Director of Sony Music Korea and the co-CEO of Sony Music Entertainment’s Asia Hub. After joining Kakao Entertainment, he served as the Global Strategy Officer (GSO) and the CEO of the company’s North American subsidiary before taking office as the co-CEO in March. Leveraging close relationships with major global entertainment companies, Chang has pushed for a host of joint projects with a focus on strengthening the competitiveness of K-pop and its artist IP. In particular, he has built a sophisticated management system to accelerate the move to diversity the activities of K-pop artists and to plan and produce new IP assets.

Recently, Kakao Entertainment has reinforced its partnerships with a variety of players in the entertainment industry, one of which is a partnership with Billboard to strengthen the influence of K-pop in the music scene. It plans to enhance the global activities of artists from its labels and those from various genres including new artists with superb talent as part of the efforts to grow the worldwide fan base of K-pop.