Oct 25, 2021

From Jang Beom-june to 10cm and Shin Yong Jae, Kakao Entertainment’s “Confession” remake project puts all-time favorites back in the spotlight

Kakao Entertainment’s relay remake of beloved songs titled “Confession” has come to a close, with the final remake of Jung Joon-il’s song by Shin Yong Jae. Shin’s remake, which was released on the 24th, topped a number of music charts, after generating buzz even before its release. This comes after several other remake songs by Jang Beom-june, 10cm, Melomance, and Urban Zakapa topped music charts as well. 

“Confession,” as remade by Shin Yong-jae, was originally released in 2014 by Jung Joon-il and has been loved ever since for its unique rendition surrounding a break-up. The song reaches deep into the depths of emotions experienced after parting with one’s lover, and Shin Yong Jae’s voice delivers greater intensity to the lyrics and the song itself. 

“Before, when I thought of the word confession, I would associate it with butterflies in the stomach, but while working on this remake, it made me think of all the other emotions that can be associated with the word,” said Shin Yong Jae. 

Other songs from the project were by Park Hye-kyung, Deli Spice, Hot Potato, and Jang Na-ra, which were turned into remakes by Jang Beom-june, 10cm, Melomance, and Urban Zakapa, respectively, and received a massive response from music fans.