Sep 06, 2021

KakaoTV Original celebrates 1st anniversary with 53 original titles, 1.1 billion views, and 41 million users

SEOUL, Sept. 6, 2021 — Kakao Entertainment announced KakaoTV Original marked its first-year anniversary today after launching in September 2020. Over the past year, the video streaming platform has aired a total of 733 original episodes under 53 titles, including TV dramas, variety shows, and live shows – many in its signature mid-form length of 10-30 minutes. The number of cumulative views has exceeded 1.1 billion, with the number of cumulative viewers reaching 41 million.

This translates into the release of a new original title weekly, 14 new episodes uploaded in that same time frame, and more than 20 million views logged each week. It also puts KakaoTV Original viewers at a monthly average of 3.4 million.    

The platform has seen a steady rise in viewers, as reaching the 1 million view mark took three months at launch but now is attained in the span of three weeks. The company sees KakaoTV as having made its mark with original content that breaks free of existing genres and takes a novel approach on storytelling. KakaoTV Original content is also available to users on other streaming platforms both in Korea and abroad, winning over support from audiences outside of Korea as well. 

In addition to its signature mid-form content and creative ideas, KakaoTV has taken on a number of new approaches such as giving more flexibility to its content release cycle, the total number of installments in each title, and its cross-category genres. Original titles have also been popular for their star-studded cast and creators behind the scenes. Shows such as “Lovestruck in the City” brought together director Park Shin-woo, writer Jeong Hyeong-jung, actor Ji Chang-wook, and actress Kim Ji-won. “Mad for Each Other” was well received not only due to the performance of lead actors Jung Woo and Oh Yeon-seo, but also the humor peppered throughout the show by director Lee Tae-gon.

Much of KakaoTV’s approach to original storytelling is attributed to leading producers it has brought onboard as in-house creative members. The roster includes producers Kim Min-jong of “Wannabe Ryan” and “What Happened?,” Park Jin-kyung of “The Three Ants”, and Lee Jae-seok of “Change Days,” and their collaboration with top-of-the-line hosts such as Lee Kyung-gyu, Kang Ho-dong, Kim Gura, and Park Myung-soo has also received positive reviews. 

The vast spectrum of topics that are covered in Original shows has also helped create content that is relatable for Millennials and Gen Z audiences, spanning everything from dating to investment, gender issues, and family. Shows such as “No, Thank You,” which looks at the challenging dynamic between a woman in her 30s and her in-laws, have led to online communities and discussions that extend beyond the original show. 

“We would like to thank our viewers who have been with us this past year and have shared so much affection and love towards our shows,” said KakaoTV Director of Business Shin Jong-su. “We look forward to further expanding our horizons to create shows across many different genres that are even more exciting and engaging.”