Feb 28, 2023

Tapas Entertainment partners with Dark Horse Books, bringing four fan-favorite webcomics to print

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 21, 2023 – Tapas Entertainment announced a new partnership with Dark Horse Books, bringing some of its most popular webcomics to print. Beginning in October, comics readers will be able to add hit titles like “Animalheads,” “Signals,” “The Flying Ship,” and “Tomahawk Angel” to their physical libraries. 

“We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership,” said Alex R. Carr, Sr. Director of Publisher Development at Tapas Entertainment. “Seeing these creators and their stories in the Dark Horse pantheon is a dream come true for all involved.”

“Animalheads” by writer Son M (“Thief of the Heights,” “Death’s Diner”) and artist Sam Curtis (“A Vampire in Paris,” “Drac: Son of Dante”) is a slam-dunk of an action thriller comic. When four best friends enter adulthood with no job prospects and the insatiable pressures of family hanging over them, they get creative—the more dangerous the gig, the richer the reward. What starts off as a part-time venture scaring people quickly spirals out of control, pulling them headfirst into a waking nightmare when they unknowingly cross a violent crime syndicate. Now, their survival is on a knife’s edge as they become the newest outfit in the criminal underworld.

“Signals” is a psychic suspense story that features writing and art by Nika (“Love Debut,” “Secrets in Silk”). Mel Song is an unlikely fit for a crack investigator. In her downtime, she loves watching soap operas in her pajamas, eating instant ramen, and internet shopping. But she has one secret weapon: the ability to read minds. Still, Mel can’t afford to get complacent. Not when there is a fresh threat brewing in the shadows of New York City…

“The Flying Ship” is a young adult LGBT+ fantasy story by writer and artist Jem Milton (“Polly Who?”, “We Shall Fight Until We Win”), sure to transport readers to a mystical world of intrigue. After being stranded in a forgotten military outpost, grumpy Dobrinia sets out on a quest to marry a princess. But in the vast Tzardom of Glas, where magic has been outlawed, troubled histories can catch up with even a flying ship. Queer adventure, humor, and heartfelt friendships star in this fantastical tale that truly feels like it’s for everyone. 

“Tomahawk Angel” is a story written and illustrated in a traditional manga format by award-winning creator Odysseas Theodoratos, aka Mangaka Ody (“Subject Zero,” “After Darkness”). In the year 2050, an 18-year-old amnesiac wakes up to a ruined world overrun by monsters. Guided by an artificial superintelligence, a ruthless scientist unleashes hell on Earth to preserve only a fraction of humankind. Love and war await as the mysteries of this corrupt new world unfold!

The “Animalheads” trade paperback will be available in bookstores on October 10 and in comic shops on October 11. “Signals” Volume 1 will be available in bookstores on October 17 and in comic shops on October 18. “The Flying Ship” Volume 1 will be available October 24 in bookstores and October 25 in comic shops. Finally, “Tomahawk Angel” Volume 1 will be available on October 31 in bookstores and on November 1 in comic shops. These books are available for pre-order now on Amazon, Barnes, and Noble, and at your local comic shop and bookstore and will retail for $24.99 with the exception of Tomahawk Angel, which will retail for $14.99.