Dec 12, 2023

Comedy Royale, Zombieverse Season 2, Kakao Entertainment captivates audiences with imaginative variety shows

SEOUL, December 12, 2023 – Kakao Entertainment continues to win the hearts and minds of global audiences with shows that contain fresh elements and unique formats from a comedy pitting Korea’s top comedians in a competition (Comedy Royale) to a novel K-zombies show (Zombieverse) and more.

Zombieverse, a Netflix variety series that captivated viewers worldwide last summer is set to produce Season 2 and the hilarious Netflix show Comedy Royale brings together Korea’s hottest comedians to compete for a chance to host their show on Netflix.

Zombieverse – on Netflix

Kakao Entertainment is set to amuse viewers worldwide with yet another variety show by producing Season 2 of the Netflix variety show Zombieverse. Created by Park Jin-kyung and Moon Sang-don and released through Netflix in August, Zombieverse catapults the participants in the heart of Seoul where a zombie virus outbreak has run amok and they have to outwit the undead in the face of challenging quests and come out alive.

Soon after its debut, Zombieverse captured the No. 1 spot on the TOP10 Korean series list on Netflix and ranked in TOP10 in 13 countries. Season 2 will be released again on Netflix, with new cast members, a wider range of quests, and ever more powerful zombies are expected to take the show to a new height of entertainment.

Comedy Royale – on Netflix

Comedy Royale, created by Kwon Hae-bom and released on Netflix on November 28, places the contestants in a battle of laughter and is the epitome of Korean comedy.

The five teams of comedians, each composed of veterans and rising stars, adopt a wide range of styles and elements and they try new things that could strike a chord with a larger audience. This process has revealed the contestants’ passion for comedy and has shed light on the efforts made by comedians in Korea. Shortly after its debut on Netflix, the show took the No. 1 spot on the TOP10 Korean series list, and it has consistently ranked high so far.

While the esteemed comedians burst into laughter and demonstrate positive reactions to genuinely funny scenes, they don’t hesitate to point out when a performance leaves room for improvement, creating intense moments of competition where they are quite assertive about what comedy should be about.

Other variety shows: QWER Project, Jeon-gwa-ja (Changing Majors), and Daepyoja – on Youtube

Kakao Entertainment brings together production studios with different strengths into a multi-label scheme. Kim Gye-ran, a creator from 3Y CORPORATION, has built a strong fandom with his show QWER Project where the girl band QWER tries to make a debut in the global music scene. ootb STUDIO has produced distinctive shows like Jeon-gwa-ja (Changing Majors), featuring Lee Chang-seob visiting universities across Korea to review various departments, and Daepyoja, showcasing stars from different regions engaging in debates while proudly presenting their hometowns to each other.

“We have tried a variety of new things to set ourselves apart through content with innovative ideas, fresh elements and formats, and a robust structure,” said Kakao Entertainment, “We will continue to create new variety shows that showcase the unique imaginations of creators to deliver entertainment experiences that cannot be found anywhere else.”