Jun 22, 2022

And that’s a wrap: KakaoTV’s interactive show “PLAYou” season 1 ends on a high note

KakaoTV Original “PLAYou” (read as Play You) has wrapped up its first season after launching with its novel real-time interaction-based content, led by all-time favorite Korean TV host Yoo Jae-suk. The show recorded 17 million cumulative views, and 900,000 real-time comments from viewers watching. 

In the season one finale, Yoo Jae-suk receives his last mission, which is to find and eliminate all Game Masters in the show. Yoo defeats several of them with the help of users as he navigates the game zone. Signaling a new season is soon to come, Yoo chooses the “red pill” over the “blue pill” as the show comes to a close. 

“PLAYou” received much attention for its one-of-a-kind format, which allowed viewers to give Yoo instructions in real-time through interactive comments to determine his next actions – just as you would in a game. 

“If it weren’t for the viewers, ‘PLAYou’ couldn’t have been a success. I’d like to thank everyone who helped bring this show to life – especially our host Yoo Jae-suk – and we can’t wait to come back with season 2,” said Kim No-eun, the producer of the show.