Aug 16, 2023

Zombieverse success headlines the latest innovative content from Kakao Entertainment to reach MZ fans around the world

SEOUL, August 11, 2023 – Kakao Entertainment continues to make waves in the global entertainment industry with innovative concepts to captivate Millennials and Gen Zs. Recent hits include Zombieverse, which premiered on Netflix on August 8th, PLAYou Level Up, the interactive show featuring Korea’s famous comedian Yu Jae-seok, and Love Alarm Clap! Clap! Clap!, which was adapted from the hit webtoon called Love Alarm. These projects highlight Kakao Entertainment’s strategy of nurturing creative collaborations with its own studios and letting its creators play pivotal roles in identifying a wide variety of differentiated content that can appeal to global audiences.

Zombieverse is a comedy-horror reality series about the cast’s quest to survive in Seoul, which has been infested by zombies. Produced by Kakao Entertainment, it is directed by Park Jin-Kyung, Chief Producer of “My Little Television” and “The Three Ants” and Moon Sang-Don, Producer of “Welcome, First Time in Korea?” and “Rough Yard”. This game-survival show brings a new level of realism to the Korean Zombie genre and Kakao Entertainment kicked it off with an intense teaser video showing the cast’s powerful will to survive.

“Our concept for the show was to combine the intense fun of Korean zombie content with a similar story structure to many of the recently successful Korean variety shows,” said one of the production teams. “If anyone is expecting typical zombie clichés and stereotypical characters they’ll be in for a big surprise!”

Within two days of release, Zombieverse secured top rankings on Netflix worldwide, proving the global popularity of Korean variety shows. It entered the Top 10 in the Netflix TV show category in 36 countries around the world and ranked first in Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia.*

The innovative approach is part of Kakao Entertainment’s strategy to engage the Millenial and Gen-Z generation by leveraging its large and diverse collection of content, which encompasses stories, media, and music, while simultaneously expanding collaborations to garner even more reach. Another success story is the interactive show called PLAYou Level Up. This unique collaboration with the popular comedian Yu Jae-seok incorporates the universe from Solo Leveling, one of Kakao Entertainment’s blockbuster webtoons. Each episode is done live and has attracted a significant viewership of fans who participate actively by interacting with Yu Jae-seok’s antics.

Yet another case is the recent, Love Alarm Clap! Clap! Clap! which was adapted from the hit webtoon called Love Alarm by Cheon Gye-young that garnered over 5 billion views in Korea and around the world. The new show features a unique survival romance concept with eight cast members all competing to get the “likes” from the other members, with an alarm bell ringing each time someone gets close.

“Our creative content is all about wit, innovative ideas, distinctive conceptualizations, and directors who are not afraid to take their ideas beyond conventions in search of big hits,” said a representative from Kakao Entertainment. “Kakao Entertainment will continue to lead the development of new content trends with innovative approaches, fresh entertainment genres, and dynamic narrative frameworks.”

*Source: Flixpatrol