May 22, 2023

Kakao Entertainment brings timeless 1980s romance paperback comic, ACACIA, to life as a vibrant color webtoon

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, May 11, 2023 – Kakao Entertainment, in collaboration with Haksan Publishing Co., Ltd., is bringing the classic 1980s romantic comic, ACACIA, back as a webtoon. The remake is sure to generate nostalgia, captivate a new generation of readers, and will grace the digital pages of Kakao Page and Kakao Webtoon apps in Korea from May 12th.

This adaptation promises to reignite cherished memories for those who recall the golden age of Korean romance comics in the 80s, while simultaneously presenting a legendary piece of Korean fiction in a captivating, contemporary webtoon format.

By bringing timeless classic stories through the artistic lens of today’s most creative storytellers and illustrators, Kakao Entertainment ensures that remarkable works such as “ACACIA,” Princess,” and “Naeng Sowol: The Cold Moon” are celebrated long into the future.

ACACIA weaves a mesmerizing tale of love and vengeance, where the threads of intertwined destinies resurface after millennia. Using a captivating narrative, the story follows the budding actress, Han Sia, and the charismatic actor, Jung Hyuk, as they find themselves strangely drawn to one another, their hearts entangled in an unfamiliar yearning.

Sia’s world transforms in a single moment as visions of an ancient kingdom materialize before her eyes. Unbeknownst to her, she unveils a haunting truth: she was once Acacia, a princess trapped in the clutches of a mighty nation’s ruthless invasion during a bygone era. A captivating saga, etched with passion and redemption, resonates with themes that echoed through the ages.

ACACIA was originally created by Korean comic artist Han Seung-won, who is also known for creating popular works like “Princess” and “Victory Vicky” and the accomplished illustrator, Kim Dong-hwa, who has created numerous masterpieces such as “Red Bicycle” and “Evangeline of Love.”

The transformation into a webtoon series was done by three Korean comic artists and authors – including OMI, Geumnayo, and SADA, in collaboration with the original authors. The adaptation delves deeper into the individual narratives of the four main characters, seamlessly blending the nostalgic essence of the original work with the vibrant energy of contemporary style.

The webtoon adaptation is more meaningful in that though ACACIA was immensely popular in its time; the work has been untouched by remakes or reissues for approximately four decades since the initial publication.

“Kakao Entertainment is committed to preserving the longevity of these exceptional Korean masterpieces while pushing the boundaries of the webtoon genre. Going forward, Kakao Entertainment will continue transforming iconic comics that have left an indelible mark on their respective eras into captivating webtoons,” said Kakao Entertainment’s webtoon team.