Jan 12, 2024

Solo Leveling beyond the webtoon: animation mega release, spin-off web novel, and game!

SEOUL, JANUARY 12, 2024 – The much-anticipated animation adaptation of Kakao Entertainment’s hit web novel and webtoon ‘Solo Leveling’ has dropped, and fans worldwide are in for a major treat. This mega-release spans international markets, including Korea and Japan, and hits global streaming platforms.

The Solo Leveling animation is a long-waited adaptation of Kakao Entertainment’s popular intellectual property of the same name. The first season of the series consists of 12 30-minute episodes, and the first episode was released worldwide on Netflix on January 7.

The original work is Chu Gong’s web novel, Solo Leveling. The webtoon adaptation has been a huge hit, tallying over 14.3 billion views worldwide to solidify its status as a flagship Korean webtoon. The popularity was so high that a whopping 220,000 fans signed on to a petition on, calling for an animation to be made. The community has been buzzing since last July, when news of a collaboration with A-1 Pictures which is the studio behind hits like ‘Sword Art Online’ and ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ was announced.

Ahead of the official launch of the series, the world premiere of the first two episodes took place starting on December 13th in Korea, followed by releases in 10 countries, including the United States, Japan, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Thailand. The animation received praise from global fans for its stunning visuals, killer original soundtrack, and top-notch voice acting, brilliantly showcasing Sung Jinwoo’s struggles as a demon hunter in treacherous dungeons, as well as some of the most iconic scenes in the Cartenon Temple.

With the animation’s global launch in full swing, Kakao Entertainment is looking forward to creating synergy with its original works across the company’s vast global network, including Tapas in North America. The company has already released a spin-off web novel called “Solo Leveling: Ragnarok,” which follows Sung Jin-woo’s son, Sung Soo-ho. It has raked in over 50 million views while the game company, Netmarble, is working on a game based on the Solo Leveling universe.

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